We have a new-comer to the Synergy Art Studio. Brooks Fairley is a student at The Charter School of San Diego who spends much of his time expanding on his creative activities. In addition to the drawings you'll see here on Synergy, Brooks also develops story lines for his imaginatively penned protagonists and antagonists.

Much like Drew Brannan, one of his charter school classmates, Brooks skulks about the classroom hunched at his desk in an effort to avoid the scrutiny of his teacher, Mr. Goyette. While he doesn't always get away with this artistic tomfoolery, as a Synergy spectator/contributor you'll be able to share those works that have been detained by his teacher until he completes his English homework.

If you are feeling guilty as a somehow passive accomplice to this confiscation of creativity, remember that this forum, while vaguely punitive, allows brooks to showcase his work. Hope you enjoy some of these striking and vivid characters sprung from the mind of Brooks Fairley. Please give Brooks you feedback on the Synergy Feedback option or e-mail The Harmonium Classroom at cssdhm3@hotmail.com.

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