The Bush That Will Not Grow

by Cari Oleskewicz

When I was young, oh, just a lad,
I lived in lands of oil.
I grew up rich, just like my dad,
with no respect for soil.
I learned my values, good and right,
the value of a dollar.
Ignore the ones cast down to blight,
It's Business we hear holler.

So now I'm in a house of white.
A President, like Dad.
The toys I have, oh, what a sight,
my bombs are really rad.
But now, they tell me, I must work,
the price of gas is rising.
That Dick Gephardt, what a jerk,
with him, no compromising.

I'll build more rigs, for who will care?
I'll keep my friends of old.
With them, the White House I will share,
since my campaign, I sold.
I'll drill the Gulf and all the seas,
no more protected lands.
Goodbye Alaska, so long Keys,
we need more oil bands.

The wildlife that may roam there,
they'll have to move or die.
It's true their furs I like to wear,
their homes are now bye-bye.
I will not let gas prices drop,
it's better this way for me.
Exxon stocks would have to flop,
and where then would we be?

Nuclear energy, I want that too,
build reactors near the poor.
Protesters? Yeah, might be a few,
they'll grumble, nothing more.
Mow the trees and warn the ducks,
the oceans will not care.
Environmentalists are fucks,
it's my earth, I won't share.

They thought I could not do this job.
They thought I was a twit.
It's just the world I'll have to rob,
don't think I'll ever quit.
They said we needed energy.
Oh, I'm a big boy now.
This policy is synergy,
so happy is the Dow!

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