Journal Entry for a quiet afternoon:
a blog?*

Posted 15 March 2002 at 4:13pm

It’s Friday afternoon… 3:24pm. Campus is dead since it’s Spring Break. The staff don’t get Spring Break. As I walk the halls I note that all the faculty doors are closed. Only the one or two staff people per depatment are in their offices. Doing work? Surfin’ the net? It’s quiet, one way or the other.

So I have been thinking about this whole concept of things happening for a reason. I think that even the crappiest crap thing that happens has something to teach us. Not necessarily a profound thought but when you are feeling like, why the hell is this happening?, it may bring some relief and refocus your energy to, what can I learn from this? That would make a big change… if people always asked that.

Ostara approaches. The beginning of Spring. It has been so beautiful – we are going to rollerblade tonight and then swim. I did my first am swim today in awhile. It was cold out and I was giggling on the way to the pool knowing how people think I am crazy. I had to psych myself up to jump in but then it was wonderful. I feel like I am back on track after a long period where it was too cold to do the morning swim (or even the afternoon one). Once I jumped in I knew that there was no going back. Even if we have some cold days, I will not be able to not swim. Good for the soul.

I have been checking out some web blogs. Some of these people write so well and they are funny and interesting. I mean, I try but I am no Tom Tomorrow or Michael Moore. Not yet at least. I wouldn’t end up like Tom because I can’t draw very well. But maybe mel could illustrate if I came up with a cartoon! But then again, no one seems to find me as funny as I find myself… I am a bit more like Mr. Moore because I am somewhat well versed in, and certainly very interested in, white collar crime (etc).

I posted the link to Let Him Stay on the home page. I have such a hard time with this sort of case because it seems so obvious. The boy’s family loves him. I know that some people feel in their gut that being gay is wrong (and while I cannot understand this at all let us just concede that some people sincerely feel this way) but don’t they also feel, as intrinsically if not more so, that children need to be in safe, loving environments and that you don’t take a foster child who has been suffering from AIDS for most of his life out of the only home he has known? Where he has siblings and two loving dads? Seems too damn easy.

It’s only 20 minutes later and I should be looking for a job or at least doing this job but the motivation isn’t there. The light is already starting to wane. Weekend plans are encroaching on any ideas of right now. How very un-zen. Not being in the moment. But I have the next moment to try again.

Take care of each other.


* I am considering writing a blog (as many people in our online crazed world are doing now). That just means I keep a sort of journal online and people can respond (as you can always do on Synergy anyways).
Any thoughts?
For now, I hope you enjoyed my rambling journal entry.

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