by Cari Oleskewicz

Sell me something I don't have.
Sell me something new.
The Things I buy and choose to keep
are far between and few.
Sell me an eternity.
Sell me more than now.
Promise me a future and
I'll pay, I don't know how.
Sell me something like the truth.
Sell me a gift I can unwrap.
I want what I have not yet had,
no interest in another trap.
Sell me back my innocence.
Sell me strong a cure.
Offer me no wisdom, no,
I look for something pure.
Sell me back my very self.
Sell me my weak soul.
I want a guarantee this time.
Things always look so whole.
Sell me some of your best magic.
Sell me my own hope.
I need no drugs, no trends, no fashion.
I need to learn to cope.
Sell me something all your own.
Sell me something just for me.
Finally, then, I think I'll rest.
Finally, then, no more to see?

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