"Realist's" Blog

I don't consider myself to be incredibly creative. I mean, I sew a few things, I take a few pictures, I write a few poems. But don't ask me to create a plot line. Heck, I have trouble thinking of activities to do with my clients half the time.

BUT! Give me any situation and, boy, can I imagine calamity. I write the script for the negative things that will be said, the horrible things that will occur, the crises.

And the weird thing is, I think I am a very positive person.


For some reason, I have trained myself to worry, to be anxious, to imagine the worst. It is amazing how a thought, a word, abstractions, possibilities can effect me so! I find that I can easily convince myself that I am being "realistic" (the pessimist catch word) or being prepared.

So, as with my clients, I am working to re-train myself. These habits I have that strain and exhaust me can be extinguished. I have truly begun to embrace the idea that if I don't know what is going to happen or why someone did something or what someone thinks, I might as well imagine the best. I have only things to gain - my sanity, my health.

I feel positive that I can do it. :)

Until next time! Cary

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