Ode to Michael Moore
Not starting a fan club (yet!) but man, is Michael Moore cool!

Well, those of you who have EVER talked with me know that I love Michael Moore. Love doesn't really describe my feelings but I don't want to give them a quote for the restraining order so I will leave it at that.

But I digress.

In April, eric and I went to a rally where Michael Moore, Ralph Nader, Jello Biafra, and other progressives and activists spoke. Mike's speech made me cry and I was so pumped up that I couldn't believe it. We immediately went to a protest for Immokalee workers (we, eric and I, not we, Mike and I).

After the rally I had to get my hand on Mike's books. I read Stupid White Men and Downsize This!*, and if I wasn't before then, I was definitely hooked on Mike's humor, knowledge, and most of all his passion.

Last week Tuesday we saw Bowling for Columbine. Let me tell you, I had high expectations. And the film surpassed them. It is mind blowing.

BUT I am not only writing to spew my obsessive love for Mike (which eric is well aware of, and I think, pretty cool about). I am writing because every time I see his films or read his books, I want to do something (I cry, then I want to do something).

Maybe that isn't exactly right. I mean, I always want to do something to make the country we live in a better place for those who have less, for those who are being fooled and hurt and brainwashed to believe that things have to be this way… but it is another motivator. And I feel lucky to have a meaningful job which, I hope, does help people. And I feel lucky to have a website forum in which I can post all of your amazing works of dissent. But there is a lot more to be done. I am very lucky to be as comfortable as I am and to be in a position where I don't have to work three jobs to make ends meet.

I am not quite sure what I am trying to say but I felt that I needed to put my two cents out there today. Thank you to you all for doing what you do every day to be sure that another person gets food, or justice, or compassion, or human dignity. Keep fighting and remember that contrary to what the election results would lead us to believe - we are the majority.

* Read also: the Etiquette of Downsizing from Mike's book.

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