musings on a sick day

- by Cary Hopkins Eyles

I worry that I am needed
and missed
would it be worse not to be?

my bladder tells me to stay home
it is infected
perhaps it is a sign to rest.

the work feels important and I know
I cannot work
if I do not take care of myself.

at least that is what I tell my clients
they cannot help others
until they are better but it is hard to internalize.

but we have learned to be anxious
and guilty
when we call in sick.

at least I know why I do the work
not for the money
not in a nonprofit
not working with women
who abuse drugs
and are seen as second
and we with them
and united way takes our funds
and we just got our second computer
for eight employees to share
and yet I know how important
this is
and so I drink my cranberry juice
and get back to work.

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