Confessions of a New Englander

I love breeze! And cool air! And trees! Silly exclamations I suppose but, man, is it true. I must have been a dog in a former life – sticking my head out the window at 55 miles and hour and feeling the wind whip across my face…

It’s not that I don’t love Florida – it’s just that being in my parents’ house, on a late June day, and waking up to feel a bit cool and wrapping myself in the fleece blanket mel made them… that is very joyful. Guess it isn’t just the cool weather huh?

I know there are “cons” about living in Mass – the snow, the sometimes eternally cold winter that lasts from October to May… but those things can be so cozy and nice too. Isn’t that the way? We always want to idealize places. There are good things about Mass and about Florida and there are less good things.

But I completely reserve my right to be called a New Englander. Even if I never live up here again (and that would really surprise me), I lived in Mass for the first 22 years of my life and it shaped who I am in so many ways. So I will always cheer for the Red Sox, will always look for a bargain and have that Yankee charm, and I will always love the cool breezes.

Until next time...

Peace, Cary

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