Oh that I could live in a world where nature could grow wild and unfettered and free and the corporations would be cut back and segmented and made to go extinct

Oh that I could be surrounded by trees and the wind and the drops of rain that are fat and blur my words as I put them on the page

That I could drink from the stream, my knees dirty and my face cool with the water, like my father and his father before him

And that the flowers could sprout from cracks in the sidewalk and those who walk the streets could laze in fields of wild sunflowers

Oh but now the streets of signs and cars and ads and men with hollow eyes wears me down and makes me scream out for miles of open ocean

Still I will dance with a fluffy dandelion and feel its soft touch and watch the wind carry away its giddy petals

I will NOT carry an umbrella

- Cary Hopkins Eyles

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